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Our programs are tailored for different environments and settings. Find out what is best for you.
In the Workplace
WEFA, OFA1 or ‘the WCB course’ get it here. This is the basic course you need in the BC workplace
Child Care Training
ChildCare First Aid for daycare providers, nannies, parents, teachers and anyone who cares for kids
At School et L’Ecole
Courses are changing. Contact Marylene to discuss!.
CPR & AED (all levels)
You just need CPR & AED? From ‘basic’ to ‘Health Care Provider’ levels, we’ve got you covered
First Aid in Schools
This program is designed to give children basic first aid knowledge and awareness

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First Aid Training

A listing of courses we offer (with links to more information). Don’t see what you need? Get in touch and we can tailor the training to your needs. Et en Francais – Nous offrons nos cours de secourisme en francais aussi!

Online Safety Training

Hundreds of online safety training courses. Immediate certification if you pass! Many courses are phone & tablet friendly too. No need to come to class, in fact no need to leave your worksite.
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Dr. Tony Howarth
Marylene Desroches

Choking in a restaurant

“I am just writing you a few lines to express my gratitude of the day that you took time to share with us in how to HELP. This evening, at my restaurant, I had the “opportunity” to share the knowledge that you were patient enough to pass into us, ME. One of my guest choke during the dinner. I actually was able to apply my learning…save a person.”


Expert Training

“I so enjoyed taking that recertification course. Not just nice to have it over with, but what a pleasure having you for a teacher. I loved the way you explained what a heart attack and stroke were. We deal with those issues frequently, but I really enjoyed the review, by you, in such a sure, concise, and accurate way. You are an excellent teacher.”


Engaging Classes

“I found the course to be very informative, for when I work with children, Tony was very clear in his information.. would definitely take it again in the near future when required again for work or, just to be kept updated on the latest First Aid information, thank you”


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Child Care First Aid
Child minders, nannies & teachers
Per user/class
All levels of CPR from Basic to Health Care Provider
Per user/class
Course recognized by WCB
Per user/class

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2016 First Aid Changes

Some of you will be aware that little changes were made in 2016-7 to first aid training. The good news is that nothing hugely significant changed (in our opinion) but there are a few points that you need to know about. Come see us in class to practice. We Changed the...


Yes, they're back in the First Aid Book once again. (Remember as always, we are a Canadian Training Company - your country may have different rules!) The use of tourniquets is always a source of debate in First Aid Training. They certainly save lives, but there are...

The Foundations of First Aid

The following five steps will help you to organise your approach to treating those in need. These Foundations of First Aid are found in the back of the current Red Cross training manual. Foundation 1: Protect Yourself Your safety always has to come first....

We changed the recovery position (again)

Well, kinda. Unless you’ve been living under a rock recently, you will know that first aid has had some revisions. One of these changes was to the recovery position. Until recently if you came to class, you would have seen and learned the HAINES recovery position. The...

Chainsaw Safety Tips for the Lads

The Lads top ten tips for chainsaw safety, tongue-in-cheek, but not really.

Preventing Anaphylaxis in Children

To reduce the risk of food allergy & anaphylaxis, parents have often been told to avoid giving children specific foods at an early age. But is this the right approach? Probably not. What's the problem? Food allergy among children is common, affecting up to 2 out of...

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