MI? Call 911 for the Ambulance

Why wouldn’t you call 911 and get emergency medical services to send an ambulance? Perhaps you didn’t know the number until now, but we’ve fixed that right? 911! And if you’re not local to us, check out this list of world-wide...

Wow – 4 slices of cake a day and you’re set to survive anything!

Choking at Christmas?

While you’re busy spending time preparing for Christmas, brush up on your choking treatments too! There are lots of parties with finger food, nuts come out at this time of year, new toys with small parts & batteries, the choking risk-list is long at...

Christmas at Work – Safety Guide

Let’s face it – most of us spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week at work. So it’s natural we want ‘Christmas at work’ even if we don’t want Christmas day at work! Here are some guidelines for having a safe Christmas at work. Christmas...

Christmas Tree or Fire Hazard?

Is your Christmas Tree a treat or a fire hazard? We have a few statistics to share with you today in this infographic. We hope you enjoy it! Happy Christmas! Click to Enlarge ImageChristmas Tree Fire Safety