Celebrate our First Aid Blog!We can hardly believe we’ve written 50 articles in the course of our First Aid Blog adventures, but there it is, this is our 50th First Aid Blog article. So instead of the usual first aid research or first aid news, we’re going to have a look back at (some of) those first aid blog articles and try to put them into some sort of logical order. That way if you’ve never visited our first aid blog before, or if you didn’t see some of the earlier articles, you’ll be able to find everything. Even if you’re a regular, you’ll see better how it all fits together.

Before we start

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An Introduction to First Aid

ABC of first aid

Yes, we do seem to have written an introduction to first aid over the past 50 articles. A good place to start would be with the 3 P’s of First Aid. This will give you an introduction to first aid principles. Then the ABCs of First Aid along with the 4 Bs will give an introduction to first aid in practice – what to do and in what order. Round out your introduction to first aid with ‘How to Call EMS’ and ‘Can I eMail 9-1-1?’ – so that you can get help on the way. Of course the best way to get an introduction to First Aid is to book some training – but is it possible to blog a First Aid course?

Blogging a First Aid course?

After the introduction, you’ll know about the first B and the ABCs, so carry on with either Choking or CPR and AED use. AED use includes:

CPR topics have included:

Of course, linking the EMS call with CPR and AED use is the Chain of Survival.

Chain of Survival

First Aid Basics

Getting away from the most serious issues, it could be time to review some first aid basics. The first of these would be getting consent. You can’t just bandage people at random!
Once this is done, the first aid basics we have covered include: Burns, Cuts & Scrapes and Diabetes, We’re not sure if Children’s Head Injuries fit under ‘First Aid Basics’ but they’re common enough for most parents & child carers to worry about/deal with. Other first aid basics include Anaphylaxis (including what happens if you accidentally stab yourself with an Epi-Pen) and Stroke management.

First Aid for Parents (and childcare workers)

Family reading

We do a lot of courses that cover First Aid for parents and so it’s natural that it comes up in our blog posts! First aid for parents could include choosing a safe play-place, teaching the kids or child safety. Under this last topic, our first aid for parents has included:

As you can see – first aid for parents is quite popular! Finally in our first aid blog roundup…

First Aid Research

questionWe often get asked about first aid research. Or more accurately, we often get asked why things change so much – especially the CPR. We explain about first aid research, and how this changes what we teach. How people actively look at accidents, treatments, survival rates, etc. The following have been listed above, but we’ll re-list them as they are (professionally published) examples of recent first aid research being done by doctors for the benefit of us all:

So you can see 5 of the 50 first aid blog posts are directly based on recent first aid research. We like to keep up with these things too. That’s how we make sure you’re getting good quality training! So here’s to the next 50 posts. Cheers!