Sometimes we take a look through the search terms that bring visitors to this site and sometimes they are first aid questions looking for an answer. Hopefully these people got the information they wanted already, but if not…. here goes.
1. Bump on head ice or heat?
Ice. Heat would hurt. Ice helps in immediate trauma situations and can reduce swelling. Heat is used later to promote blood flow and healing. For example a sprained ankle might be iced for the first say or two, after which heat may improve healing.
2. Can you get secondary drowning from drinking water wrong?
No. But you could aspirate on it.
3. Why is it important to keep people who are unconscious talking?
It isn’t, and you can’t. Unconscious people can’t talk – it’s part of being unconscious. Maybe you were wondering why we try to keep people from becoming unconscious?
4. Can you give cpr if you don’t have permission?
Don’t do it to someone who can give permission, they won’t need it! In B.C. at least, the law assumes that if someone is unwell enough to need CPR, they would give you permission if they were still capable of doing so. Don’t confuse this with DNR – in which you are specifically told not to do CPR.
5. Why should you not use a tourniquet to isolate a snake bite?
Some snake venoms are designed to digest flesh to make it easier for the snake to swallow. Usually this is something like a mouse. If you use a tourniquet to isolate the venom to a small area like a hand, then the hand too might dissolve. Plus tourniquets are generally discouraged because people forget about them, which causes gangrene and other complications.
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