We often get asked for sample first aid questions or for a first aid quiz. We’re not big fans of making students answer first aid questions (they’re not the best way to teach/learn) or of doing first aid exams. Unfortunately first aid exams are still required in some form or other in many of our courses. So, as you’ve been asking for sample first aid questions (and as ‘first aid exams’ seems to be something people are searching for online) then we made one.
You can  and submit your answer for immediate feedback.
First aid exam
Let us know what you think (use the comment box, email us, whatever…). We’ve not tried putting first aid questions online before. The app we used doesn’t allow us to create ‘mock first aid exams’ – just one question at a time. If people use it/like it then we’ll update the question every week or two to keep things fresh.
Have fun!


Well, that kinda worked, but not too well. The quiz app requires us to log in every week and ‘continue’ the quiz. We’re just forgetful at times. Perhaps FaceBook Questions will be a better way. Check out this post.