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Many Red Cross first aid courses can result in a first aid exam or some first aid quiz questions. The OFA1 course we offer has an official WCB exam with a passing mark of 70%.
Even with no formal sit down exam, every Red Cross course certainly has continuous assessment and ‘first aid quiz questions’ as we go along. So it’s no wonder that we often get asked for sample first aid exam questions, first aid quiz questions, etc.


First Aid Exam Answers?

No, we can’t give you the answer sheet for your first aid exam! We also can’t let slip the questions that will appear on the exam. We can offer you questions we’ve invented ourselves. Keep in mind that all Red Cross trainers here in Canada are taught how to create/develop first aid quiz questions.
As a person who has taught others to become trainers for many years, our Quizmaster (Tony) is in a unique position to offer you realistic first aid exam questions. Tony also teaches enough to know that these questions don’t appear on the current Red Cross First Aid Exams used in class – and they haven’t been used in the recent past either.

first aid exam question

First Aid Exam Question Delivery

To start with, we’re going to use the ‘question’ feature of Facebook to deliver a question off the week. Go on over and see what this week’s question is. If you’re not a fan, take the chance to join us so that you remember to revisit each week for a new question. At the end of the week, we’ll also tell you the correct answer and if needed, some logic around why this was the answer.


Every good Red Cross course ends with the opportunity for you to give feedback, and we need your feedback on this idea!

  • Are the questions too hard/easy?
  • Are they helping you prepare for an exam or improve your learning?
  • Do you even care to see a question of the week?

Comment below or leave your mark on our Facebook wall… sorry, timeline.