Are you keeping your children safe?

Are you sure about that?
If you work with children, or like us, you’re a parent, you’ll remember the last time one of them injured themselves. You remember the tears, maybe the blood or bruises, some swelling perhaps….

So what did you do?

Well, you picked them up, comforted them and did your best. That’s all you can do after all. You did what you thought was right with whatever you had and hoped that it worked out. It seemed to as well, right? They survived and (probably) there are no scars.

Blood & Tears Wipe Away

But there are things that don’t. You see it’s OK to do your best, or what you thought might be right, and then hope it all works out.
Unless they’re choking.
Or if they stop breathing.
Or hit their head and become unconscious.
Or if their heart stops.
Thinking and hoping just aren’t enough then, are they? After all, you’d want to know you were doing the right thing and that you were up to date, wouldn’t you?
Well then play it safeclick here!