You did it! Good job!

Fireworks 2

We’re super-excited to have you join in with the Child Care First Aid Training course and can’t wait to see you in class on the day – we just know you’re an awesome person and it will be great to spend the day hanging out with you.
Through the magic of PayPal, an eMail receipt should already be making its way to your in-box ready for you to file away until the tax man comes asking. If you also need a hand-written receipt, or just want the trainer’s autograph, simply ask on the day of the course and we’ll be happy to help.
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If you didn’t already do so, don’t forget to fill out the on-line registration form so that you don’t have to do a paper copy in class on the day (yes, it’s on the same page you just came from). Then finally come hang out with us on Facebook. There’s a voucher just for fans, and  a little free gift if you print it and bring it with you. Just because we love you.
See you in class!