CPR Face Shield

So there you are, first aid certificate in hand, ready to leap in to action!

CPR face shield may be needed here

Ready to do this?

Suddenly you find your new skills in demand, but not in quite the way you expected. In fact the gentleman who needs help also needs a bath – and that’s being kind… a shave and a change of clothes would be nice too. Life clearly hasn’t been kind and yet still he has been living. Up to now. Now he needs CPR and his life probably rests in your freshly trained hands – all you have to do is put your mouth over his and blow. It was easy in class, but now…..

Now you need a CPR face shield, or a mask

CPR Face ShieldThe CPR face shield or mask provides a simple, portable and relatively cheep way for someone doing CPR to protect themselves from the casualty, and the casualty from them.
Traditional CPR masks are chunky devices which would easily fill your pocket. The CPR face shield is much smaller and fits into your pocket along with your keys. In fact this CPR face shield comes on a keychain for just that purpose.
And yes, I do have one and yes, it fits in my pocket nicely!

Want one?

Lucky for you we have them available right here for only $3 each. Shipping is within Canada (ask us for other rates). Still not sure you need one? Read this then!