In first aid training as in many other things in life, you get what you pay for. There are cheap CPR & First Aid courses available and you might have seen some advertised. We don’t do that. We want to give you awesome first aid training, but you have to pay the price. Read on and you’ll see why!

Cheap First Aid & CPR Courses?

Have you read the main page on our website recently? No reason you should unless you were there looking for an awesome course. Essentially, it says ‘you get what you pay for’ – stop Googling the Internet for “cheap CPR and First Aid courses” and choose awesome first aid training that’s high quality instead. (Hint – we hope that’s us!)
Twice within the past 2 weeks I saw what happens when there’s a lack of awesome first aid training (or ‘cheap CPR and First Aid courses’ syndrome).
cheep cpr courses cost you

You probably want current training

A student on our level 1 course questioned how CPR was done. She said that her husband had recently attended one of those cheap CPR and First Aid courses with another local training company. He’d been told that a person no longer does the ‘breaths’ as part of CPR – just do compression only CPR. Now while this may be true in other countries, currently in Canada the practice is to do breaths. In fact, the policy statement says to do compression only CPR if you have not been trained to do ‘regular’ CPR.
That’s right – some cheap CPR and First Aid courses are as effective as no training at all. Not actually the awesome first aid training you want. On our courses we train you in the current practice here in BC (as we’re required to) and then if needed we go above and beyond the requirements and discusses the practices in other countries because:

  1. we’re awesome and
  2. we have a lot of students from those other countries and they want to know why things are different.

You might also want a complete course

Some time ago, an organisation approached me to do staff training in CPR. I quoted $50 per student as always – our standard rate. The organisation said they could get someone to do it for $35 per person, which they did.
So, Tuesday of this week saw me discussing catch-up for one person who found that, well, you get what you pay for – and it wasn’t awesome first aid training. Although we were adding to her skills to get her a higher level of CPR training, we also found

  • Choking for adults and kids – old practice had been taught
  • Angina – not taught
  • Heart Attack – not taught
  • Stroke – not taught
  • Book/reference materials – not provided.

You get what you pay for

You see, the cheap CPR and First Aid courses available are, well…. cheap. That’s not to say we’re expensive, more that we’re worth paying for. Don’t want to pay? Well here’s some information about:

Have a read through – now there’s just 5 more hours of practical training to go. Although you’ll probably have to pay someone for that.
Have you had any interesting classroom experiences you’d like to share? Use the comment box below!