Annie with AED in class

We found an interesting news article yesterday which will give you an insight into how important CPR training is. Researchers (yes, they actually tested this) asked people, both trained and untrained, to attempt CPR in a simulated situation.

Of those who had received no training at all, only 23% were willing to try.

Out of those who had received some sort of training, 99.3% tried to perform CPR.

The repost suggests they did a pretty good job as well, achieving close to the correct CPR compression ration of 100 per minute. They also had better compression depth.
Interestingly in the information reported so far, it seems not to have mattered whether their training was simply to watch a video, or to do hands-on training. There may be more to this once the full research article is printed, and we’ll keep you up to date once we hear more.
The researchers suggest a number of reasons why people don’t attempt CPR and why people haven’t had CPR training. One reason suggested is that people don’t have time to attend a CPR course. Fortunately we offer courses scheduled to meet your needs, so that’s no longer an excuse – get in touch with us to find out more!
Another concern listed is the ‘fear of doing harm’. We can put this fear to rest as well – if you do nothing, they’ll die. There is no worse harm than that.
So if you’re not already trained, arrange a course today. Even better, get friends and family together to hold a course for all of them. That way if you ever need CPR, there might be a better than one in four chance you’ll get it.