As Christmas is a time for giving and receiving, we’d like you to give us some feedback, so that we can receive, reflect and improve. We’d like you to think about these two questions (and then answer them please!). We’ve left the name & eMail optional, but you need to fill in the blanks if you want to hit the ‘submit’ button. [contact-form] [contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” /] [contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” /] [contact-field label=”Would you go out of your way to recommend our course to a friend?” type=”select” required=”true” options=”,Yes,No” /] [contact-field label=”Why?” type=”textarea” required=”true” /] [/contact-form]Opening the gift of feedback

Giving – Customer Satisfaction

We always try to make sure you have a good, effective and hopefully fun course. That your dealings with us are fair and that we respond to your needs.
I had an interesting experience as a customer recently – when inquiring about an item we’d expected in the Summer (and wanted for Christmas) we were told we might get it on time if we ‘prayed hard enough’. Not exactly the response we were looking for. (It did turn up, within 2 days.) I’m sure that the intent was humour, or offering us hope, or something – but it didn’t come over that way.
Have we ever done something that didn’t look good to you? Please let us know so we can avoid it in the future!

Receiving – Feedback

We love to receive feedback – it’s how we improve our courses. I have in front of me 16 feedback forms from the last OFA1 course I taught last week. Most of them say things like “All good!” Which is nice to know, but doesn’t give us any idea of what was ‘all good’. It’s hard to believe that really nothing was wrong at all! (Although Christmas is a time of believing too!)
However, the students on this course went further than normal, and we have some extra comments for the last OFA1 course of the year:

“The course was great.”
“[The] instructor was very helpful and made the course interesting and fun. I liked all the hands on training. It made me feel confidant in applying first aid.”
“Great instructor! Tony is friendly and knowledgeable. He kept the topics interesting and allowed for easy learning experience.”

And to keep the balance:

“Registering for the course was a bit confusing because of 2 people responding to my eMails. Also eMails were not returned in a timely manner. I believe it took 4 days to hear back about registration.”

Now these short comments may not seem like a lot, but when we normally get 16 ‘it was OK’ you can see why we like these! We even have something we can work on improving to give you a better experience. So go ahead, write a sentence, heck write three. We’d love to know what you think of us.