Extreme Driving Conditions

Extreme Driving Conditions Course

Car in Freezing FogSo there you are on your normal commute to work. The weather wasn’t great when you left home and it’s just getting worse. Grey became fog. Then really foggy. Then the fog became frozen and ice starts to build up on your windows and mirrors. You see a car coming towards you in the freezing fog and it looks like he’s on the wrong side of the road, but it’s hard to tell with such poor visibility. Now what?

Extreme driving conditions can happen any time of the year. It’s not just the freezing fog in winter, or the deep snow, or the slick icy road. It could be floods in the spring; it could be a sudden, unexpected downpour that reduces visibility to nothing in seconds. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

So back to the question – what do you do? Well if you’ve not taken any sort of training since your driving lessons, you probably panic, slam on the brake, slide along the road… If you’re lucky you still remember that one time your instructor told you the theory of handling a skid. Maybe you miss the other car, maybe it’s Christmas in hospital for you and a miserable time for your family.

Alternatively, you’ve taken our Extreme Driving Conditions course:

  • You’re prepared for winter driving – you know how to deal with winter, or wet, or flood
  • You know how to drive on different or changing road surfaces
  • You’ve already varied your speed according to the conditions
  • You know how to manage your speed in poor conditions
  • You allowed for the way extreme driving conditions change stopping distances

Yes, you’re becoming a pro at extreme driving! You avoid the oncoming car, stopping safely and avoiding writing off your vehicle and getting yourself a hospital visit. It’s still stressful, but at least you have the knowledge needed to stay safe under extreme driving conditions.

Course Details

Spend half a hour now taking this video instruction course and start to learn the skills you need to stay safe. Choose to take the quizzes along the way and pass the course quiz (80% passing grade) to get a certificate of completion ready for you to download. If you don’t hit 80% first time, you can try up to twice more.

Don’t risk your vehicle or your life. You’re worth $69.95.

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