First Aid Training

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First Aid course overview

We offer most (but not all) Canadian Red Cross courses. If you don’t see what you want here, or if you would like something developed to meet your own specific needs, get in touch. We can and do tailor training to your needs; for example when Whistler Bounce Acrobatic Academy wanted a 4 hour session to help them deal with joint & bone injuries they came to us and we delivered.

En Français  – Nous offrons nos cours de secourisme en français aussi!

Workplace Emergency First Aid (WEFA, OFA1) – Required by WCB to be the First Aid Attendant at Work in BC. 8 hrs. $105 pp
Child CareFirst Aid Great for parents, childminders, day care staff, teachers, etc. Meets local licensing requirements. 8 hrs. $95 pp
CPR & AED We offer all Canadian Red Cross CPR levels from Adult only through to the complete Healthcare Provider Course. Varies. $50-75 pp
Standard First Aid Learn more, basic splinting, basic patient handling, more conditions. Required in some workplaces. 16 hrs. $175 pp
First Aid for Children Stay Safe Course. Ages 9 – 13
Standard & Workplace Emergency First Aid (SWEFA) Combine the OFA1 course with a tailor made SFA course to get both certificates in one session. 16 hrs. $175 pp
Emergency First Aid General knowledge course. You don’t need a work-specific or child-friendly course, but still want training. 8 hrs. $95
Online Safety Training Take courses anywhere, any time. Some even work on your smart-phone. Huge range of topics and course lengths. Cost depends on course.