No, I haven’t even got to today’s training session with the CrossFit gang yet (me training them, I should point out!) this is just early morning with my own children. First of all…

Things in noses

It’s been a ‘nose & mouth’ kinda morning, and it’s only 10:30

“Daddy, daddy – got wipe in nose.”

Yes, that’ll be Jenny. She’s 2 and she likes to put things in holes they don’t belong in. It’s not the first time she’s done this either.

“OK Jenny, lie on the bed while I find the first aid bag.”

We have forceps. I looked up there and sure enough there’s the end of a brown-ish napkin inserted just about a baby’s finger depth into the right nare. Out it comes…. and there was quite a lot. Any more? ‘No daddy.’ Good. So we get ready to go out and perhaps play in the snow.

Split Lips

Jenny and daddy have decided to race James to be the first to play. He want’s to, but he likes his DVD just enough to need the encoragement of a race to be first in the snow. Daddy is already downstairs when Jenny decides the best way to get ahead is to jump.
From about 6 steps up.
Just, jump.
So daddy tries to catch the flying two-year-old… and he does catch her, with his teeth! Now Jenny has a sore head and daddy is bleeding from the mouth. Clean up and check in the mirror, just lips, teeth are OK. So let’s go out.

Nose Bleeds

We play in the snow. Eventually Jenny gets cold and knowing we need to get to the post-office and bank, we all bundle in the car to warm up and to tackle the chores.
It’s all good until we get out of the car at the bank. James & daddy do just fine. Jenny slips, probably in her wet footwear from the snow play. Daddy picks her up (facing away) and carries her safely to the edge of the car park away from the traffic. Put her down and James says,

“Daddy, is that blood?”

I guess he’s not seen quite so much before. Jenny seems to have banged her nose on something when she slipped. Her nose is bleeding steadily. And being two she doesn’t really want help, she just wants to rub at it. Which spreads the red stuff everywhere. Thankfully were near a pharmacy and there are chairs for the waiting customers. We commandeer them and clean her up as James says

“Are you sure it’s not ketchup?”

Sadly it’s not, but at least she doesn’t look anaemic! Apparently candy is really good for fixing nose bleeds, so she says. And she’s napping now.