Seems like first aid changes every few years: we have to do something to make your re-cert less dull, right? Canadian Red Cross first aid will change during 2016 and even we haven’t had any official updates yet, so here’s some advice and speculation.

When First Aid Changes, what Happens to my Training?

A common enough question, especially for people I’m teaching at the moment, knowing that change is coming long before their certificates expire. The answer is, nothing changes. What you’re taught today is still good for 3 years, even if everything changes! You may have to negotiate with other first adders if they have different training, but things don’t change that dramatically.


Which number do People Savers call in emergencies?

So what first aid changes might we expect?

  1. A strong emphasis on your smart phone. Dial 9-1-1, put it on speaker phone and get on with the first aid. Even if you don’t know any, they can talk you through what to do – and yes, that includes CPR.
  2. Stop trying to be perfect. You’ve heard me tell you this in class many times! Anything is better than nothing and when it comes to CPR, basically they’re dead without your help, so do something…. the CPR can be good, better or best!
    1. Good: just follow point 1 – call 911 and do what they say
    2. Better: get training before you need it. Hand’s only CPR is an option.
    3. Best: get excellent training (you know where!) and do CPR including rescue breathing, and using an AED.

From what I see, hand’s only CPR continues to be an option, but is still not ‘the best’. Then again, anything is better than nothing. Getting training remains your best option….. you know what to do!