Emergencies are Sexy – really? Let’s be honest, there’s nothing pleasant about being caught in the middle of a disaster. But perhaps, just perhaps, surviving an emergency unharmed, with that special person could, in fact, be sexy. Maybe we’ve just been working in Healthcare & Safety Training for too long, but here’s our top 5 reasons why disaster preparedness and emergencies are sexy.

Emergencies are Sexy 1 -Chocolate

Do you need any other reasons? Actually, we have talked about this in the past but here is a quick refresher for your disaster preparedness: Chocolate should be in every post-apocalypse kit. It is high energy and takes up little space for the amount of tasty calories provided. It’s easy to pack & carry. It contains serotonin, a natural anti-depressant, which also happens to boost your sex drive. It’s also good for you and has been proven to reduce blood pressure.
Oh, and if there’s no emergency happening, supplies should be checked every 6 months – and eaten and replaced… or is that just in our house? So point 1 – emergencies are sexy with chocolate around. Disaster preparedness point 2….

When the lights go out: Candles

You’ve done the disaster preparedness right and survived, you are now probably in a situation where there is no available power. Sure battery power is great, but once your batteries are expended, you’re left with romantic old candlelight. So why is candlelight so sexy?
Well there is the fact that we get most information about our surroundings visually and candles help things to look ‘warmer’ and more pleasant. Moreover, you won’t be able to see the post-apocalypse rubble so clearly! Along with this, candles usually are saved for special occasions and intimate moments, which we remember no matter what is currently happening. They bring a feeling of intimacy and closeness no matter the setting, so candles are our second reason why emergencies are sexy.

Seek shelter

Couple Inside Sleeping Bag TogetherIn our post-apocalypse world, you and your partner(s) need to be warm, and dry, and safe. However you find yourselves creating that safe haven, it’s going to be significantly more efficient if everyone is in close quarters. Less materials will be needed and less building will have to be done. This will free up time for other survival concerns. Of course one great way to keep warm is to share body heat by getting as close together as you choose too – if you have a good sleeping bag then clothing would be optional.

You need to save water

showerAfter a disaster, you and those you care about will need to take care of the basics. Food, shelter and fire have been covered, so next is the water supply. You need to conserve water as best as you can. While you can’t both drink the same glass of the pure stuff, you can certainly save limited water supplies by sharing your shower. You’ll obviously want to keep the shower short due to limited water supplies post-apocalypse, which brings us to our last reason why emergencies are sexy.

Something to do

Let’s face it, it’s post-apocalypse, there’s no power and limited food and shelter. Disaster preparedness has only taken you so far. You certainly won’t be watching television or playing computer games. Candles are great, but maybe not for reading books in the dark. So what’s a couple (or an handful) of survivors to do to pass the time? I suggest they discuss why emergencies are sexy, and then get to addressing the re-population issues.


Are you ready?

Did we miss anything? Something we should have added. Please comment below so we all can be better prepared for anything!