Yup – it’s really free and if you’re lucky it could be for you!
We’re having a giveaway for our Facebook fans. So if you’re reading this, you probably should be one of them. Go ahead and use the button on the right of the screen there, or visit us at https://www.facebook.com/Sea2SkySafetyTrainingServices

What is this CPR Face-shield?

Glad you asked!  A CPR face-shield is a device intended to protect you and your casualty if you ever have to do mouth to mouth on someone. Not sure you need one? Read https://www.sea2skyservices.com/2011/03/25/do-you-need-a-cpr-mask/ then!

Our give-away is a compact CPR Face-shield on a key-chain so that you can carry it with you. Yes I do have one, and yes it is small enough to be happy in my pocket with everything else I carry.

CPR Face Shield

How to get a free CPR Face-Shield?

Well now that you ask, there are two ways to get your free CPR face-shield – and yes, that means we are giving away two of them. We should also point out that these are real ‘things’. You’re not in with the amazing chance to win a PDF file or a printable coupon, or something equally electronic. If you win the CPR Face-shield then we will ask you for a mailing address to send it to.
Before we start, you need to complete the steps below before 8th March 2012. If you’re reading this in the future (Hi! Can we get next week’s lotto numbers please?) then be sure to ‘like‘ us so you don’t miss the next give-away.
First chance to win, go on over to Facebook. If you’re not already a fan of Sea 2 Sky Safety Training, bow your head with shame and then hit the ‘like’ button. Scroll on down to find the free prize give away post (which looks a lot like this blog entry) and ‘like’ the post as well. Simple. We will randomly choose one fan who liked the post and contact them.
Second chance to win, we want to hear from you. It’s lonely here on the Blog! There were over 350 visitors in February and the only person to write a comment was my wife!! So….

  • Make sure you’re a Facebook fan of ours
  • Find a post you like on this Blog (not Facebook)
  • Think of something worthwhile to say (I know, I know, but try…)
  • Post the comment

That’s it. Anyone who is a Facebook fan AND comments on this Blog before the deadline is in with another chance to win. Let’s face it, you’re already here, the Facebook link is right there, we even made it open in another window for you… it’s easy.
So go spread the love (and comments).
Good Luck!