Juggling Chainsaws

Just something we found lying around.
If you ever wonder about the safety of your staff, things could be worse. They could be juggling chainsaws in pink underwear (in Covent Garden, it seems).
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VXVr564u1aw?rel=0]
We’ve written before about chainsaws, and even a little about protective clothing. Never before have we written about juggling chainsaws in just your underwear & boots. Especially pink underwear – an unusual choice for safety clothing.
It’s said that when a person learns to juggle, it causes a 3% increase in brain size. We’re unclear what juggling chainsaws says about someone, but we can definitely use the phrase “Don’t do this at home, kids.” If you or people you know still aren’t sure how to use a chainsaw appropriately, skip the pink panties and get them some on-line training. They’ll thank you in many ways.