People Saver? What’s that?

The Red Cross People Saver Level 1 course is a first aid course for kids age 5-6. Levels 2-4 go up in age and difficulty but today it’s about People Saver Level 1. The best way to tell you about this course is to show you! Hope you enjoy it.

Studying the People Saver Level 1 Book

Studying our People Saver Books

Kids work at the People Saver Level 1

Circle what’s safe, cross out the dangers

People Savers with eComm Materials

Local eComm materials reinforce People Savers skills: Deciding what is an emergency.

Kid calls 911

Learning how to call for help


Which number do People Savers call in emergencies?

People Savers get 'stickers of completion'

People Savers get ‘stickers of completion’ from the Red Cross and 9-1-1 stickers from E-Comm!

People Savers Level 1: Footnotes

This course was taught by Sea 2 Sky Safety Training at MishMash Play & Learn, Squamish. Additional materials from E-Comm 9-1-1. Thanks to the kids who participated and the parents who agreed let us show them to the world!