We’ve written before about ‘can I eMail 911?’ – to which the answer was no. However social media is becoming a mainstream means of communication. So, we wondered what would it look like if we were to use social media in an emergency. We looked at 10 social media sites with which we have at least a passing familiarity and considered what might happen on each if our house was on fire. So here it is…

Social Media in an Emergency

 twitter Twitter my house is on fire! #sendhelpquick #911
 facebook Facebook my house is on fire! Like this status if you’ll send help.
 stumble StumbleUpon I found this house. It was on fire!
 4square FourSquare here’s where my house is on fire! Come quick.
 instagram Instagram here’s a fake vintage picture of what my house used to look like before it was on fire
 wordpress WordPress Today I’m going to write about my house. It’s on fire! Send help!
 youtube YouTube Here’s a video of my house burning. Quick, send a fire truck so I can film it
 linkedin LinkedIn Skills include shouting: Fire! Fire!
 pinterest Pinterest Here’s a set of instructions for making s’mores while your house burns.
 G+ G+ Join my circle of people – dancing round my house while it burns.

Any others to add? Did we miss your favourite social site? Just comment below! And let us leave you with one last piece of advice for using social media in an emergency: