The workplace can pose a variety of threats to your health and even to your life. Depending on the kind of work you are involved in, there are a number of safety precautions you should take. In an attempt to educate employees about potential dangers in the workplace, employers often conduct workplace safety presentations and seminars. Here’s how you can teach employees about workplace safety at your place of work:
Prepare an Introduction
If you have a lot of new employees, workplace safety should be an integral part of their orientation. Basic safety training should be a part of all kinds of orientation packages. This way, before an employee begins to work, they receive at least some basic safety instructions. The training should be slightly more rigorous for those who are engaged in dangerous work.

Worker at a considerable height lacking any ki...

Worker at a considerable height lacking any kind of PPE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Introduce Safety Uniforms
Once the employees have been introduced to basic safety instructions, you can tell them about the safety clothing and equipment they require. This could include special uniforms, hard hats, safety goggles and boots. While telling them which safety garments to wear, also tell them about the dangers of not using these special uniforms and safety equipment.
Prepare Standard Operating Procedures
For some of the most dangerous procedures around the workplace, try and prepare standard operating procedures (SOPs). These could be something as simple as using safety equipment, or using the ladder optimally while lifting boxes and other heavy materials. These SOPs are aimed towards decreasing the frequency and intensity of workplace accidents and injuries.
Give Proper Training
Whether they are new employees or experienced ones, it is important to give them proper training. Every workplace has its own way of working, so discuss every piece of equipment in detail and talk about possible hazards of using it. It is important for the employees to know potential risks of using certain equipment in the workplace. If the employees are not going to use a particular machine or equipment, provide them at lease a summary of practices for avoiding any injuries.
Give a Tour of Safety Stations
If you have safety stations at your workplace, make sure your employees are familiar with them. Your employees should know the exact location of the first aid kit, fire alarm spots, emergency exits, emergency showers and eye wash stations – if any. Once the employees know where these safety equipment and stations are, they can easily access them in the time of need – should they ever need it.
Quiz them from Time to Time
It is a good idea to quiz your employees or perform safety drills every now and then. This helps refresh their memory so that they know all the safety training and procedures by heart. They should be able to recall this information at a moment’s notice, in case any accident or injuries occur.
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