Acceptable Student Identification

Canadian Red Cross Training Partner
Students on the course will be required to produce one piece of acceptable photographic identification to the instructor at the time of the course (this is a WorkSafe BC Requirement). Instructors will sign an identification confirmation sheet, stating they have seen ID from each student.

Acceptable photographic identification includes:

  • Valid Canadian or U.S. Driver’s Licence
  • Valid passport
  • Valid BC student identification card issued for the current school year
  • Employee picture identification card
  • Native status picture identification card
  • BC photo identification (digital) issued November 1996 or after
  • Canadian government issued photo identification

If a student does not possess valid photographic identification as listed, they must provide one primary and two secondary pieces of identification (total of three!)

Primary Identification Secondary Identification
  • Birth Certificate
  • Canadian Citizenship ID
  • Canadian Record of Landing
  • Canadian Student Visa
  • Canadian Work Visa
  • Returning Resident Permit
  • Employer photographic ID
  • Canadian Armed Forces ID
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Change of Name Certificate
  • Parole Certificate
  • Correctional Service Conditional Release Card
  • Valid credit card (if name is on card)
  • Bank Card (if name is on card)
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Social insurance card (if offered by the student)
  • BC Care Card (if offered by the student)
  • OFA Certificate Level 1, ,2 or 3, or TE

If you have any concerns about being able to produce the required ID, please discuss this with us well in advance of the course.