We’ve recently been given the opportunity to promote Chainsaw Safety. Not really knowing too much about chainsaw safety (except that it’s one of the scenarios in the OFA1 course) we went digging for statistics. Here’s what we came up with.

Chainsaw Safety

It’s a really misleading term! Apparently there are about 69,000 ‘professional’ chainsaw users and about 28,000 chainsaw accidents a year. Err… that’s almost half of you. Really? Wow! If one of our surgeons told me that, every year, half of them kept slicing and cut off their own fingers, I’d struggle not to laugh. Yet these are official, government-issued chainsaw safety statistics. And we’re not talking about splinters & slivers. The average injury got over 100 stitches  No, my finger did not get stuck on the zero key – that was over a hundred stitches per injury and a 1 in 2 chance of injury every year. Might as well get good medical insurance. Or good chainsaw safety training. I know which is cheaper (and safer). Click on the graphic for a bigger version, or just book the training now.

Chainsaw safety infographic