Today we have a guest post on a safety training topic I’ve never even thought about! Let us know if you like it….
In this blog post I would like to discuss high pressure water jetting. In particular, I would like to explain what it is, what high pressure water jetting can be used for and the various benefits of high pressure water jetting. I would then like to discuss the safety measures that are necessary when operating high pressure water jets.

A Honda GX160 5.5 HP. pressure washer in action.

High Pressure Water Jetting Defined

High pressure water jetting is the use of high pressure water for the removal or controlled demolition of unwanted matter from a range of surfaces. Both chemicals and abrasives can be used in conjunction with high pressure water jetting to aid the removal of stubborn matter from surfaces.

High Pressure Water Jetting Applications

There is a vast range of different high pressure water jetting applications which are explored in greater detail below.
One of the most common uses of high pressure water jetting is to clean surfaces that have become dirty due to pollution, graffiti or general wear and tear. Known as hydrocleaning this high pressure water jetting application can remove the dirt and restore the surfaces to their previous condition.
High pressure water jetting is also great for preparing rigid surfaces such as concrete, metal or asphalt before they have a coating applied to them. High pressure water jetting creates a smooth surface that is ready for bonding.
High pressure water jetting can even produce enough pressure to cut through and remove concrete. This is extremely useful for the controlled demolition of concrete that has become deteriorated without damaging the existing structure.
Finally, high pressure water jetting can be used for a range of miscellaneous applications such as cleaning the hulls of ships, road marking removal, nuclear decommissioning and unblocking and cleaning drains.

Deutsch: Industrielle Hochdruckreinigung von D...

Deutsch: Industrielle Hochdruckreinigung von Druckgeräteteilen in der Chemischen Industrie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Benefits of High Pressure Water Jetting

Firstly, high pressure water jetting is an environmentally friendly way of cleaning cutting and preparing surfaces. Water jetting does not produce dangerous water products and only uses a small amount of water which can also be recycled using a closed loop technique.

Safety Measures

High pressure water jetting uses pressures above 25,000 pounds per square inch and obviously a process that can cut through concrete must be operated with the utmost safety and precaution.
Firstly, as high pressure water jetting can cause serious injury or death, all water jetting equipment should only be operated by trained individuals who have experience of using this equipment.
Secondly, all operators must wear a range of protective equipment when operating the equipment. Steel toed boots, hard hat, face shield, ear protectors and a hard hat are required for operators using robotic high pressure water jetting equipment. Operators using hand held equipment should also protect themselves with shin and metatarsal guards and even body armour.
Finally, it is important to remember to de-energize electrical conduits and equipment before undertaking high pressure water jetting work.
The author writes for Corecut, the UK’s leading provider of high pressure water jetting and hydrodemolition services.