What would happen if your child fell, or somehow hurt themselves while playing? Could you be sure the staff where it happened would be able to look after him/her? A mum in Cloverdale recently found to her dismay that staff considered injuries to the children are “the parents’ responsibility” says a news 1130 report today.
“Do you have anybody here trained in first aid,” she recalls asking staff. “No, we don’t do anything like that; we don’t have anybody here trained that has first aid. It’s the parents’ responsibility,” she was told.
Her son Owen fell and broke his foot. He’s doing OK, but his foot is in a cast and he won’t be playing as much for a while.
The bad news? The play place isn’t legally required to have a kit or trained staff to look after your kids. Depending on where you play, you might even have to sign a waiver taking responsibility for all injuries that occur. If you’re planning a party, you might want to find out which play places have trained staff.
The good news?
Tumblewoods indoor playground
Here in Squamish, Tumblewoods Indoor Playground will soon be opening. Owner April Rommel states “I would like to get my staff and I trained in Childcare First Aid” and intends eventually to have all staff trained even though it’s not her legal responsibility.
We offer Childcare First Aid on a regular basis in the Sea 2 Sky area and will be working with April over the next few weeks to get everyone up to speed.
It makes sense to us to choose a play place that cares.