First Aid Courses

Practicing CPR on Annie

Let’s review what first aid courses we offer in Squamish and beyond, because it’s been a long time since we wrote an update here. First off, we’re based in Squamish – that makes it easy for us to come to you in Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, etc. But that doesn’t limit us, so don’t be shy to ask. We’ve worked in the interior and on The Island and many places in between. And because we also offer our courses En Francais, people do ask us to travel. If you need First Aid courses in Squamish or Whistler, see our schedule; if you want us to travel, get in touch! Now let’s talk about the common first aid courses we offer.


OFA1 in Squamish & Whistler

OFA1 First Aid Course in Squamish - ready to teachOFA1, Occupational First Aid, The WCB Course – whatever you call it, this is the one you want for your worksite. Technically speaking, we don’t offer OFA1 in Squamish and Whistler any more. That’s because The Red Cross Emergency first aid course is considered to be equivalent to OFA1. That means WCB has reviewed what we teach and decided it meets their requirements. For more details (or if anyone ever questions your certificate) check the OFA1 equivalency site from WCB. So officially, we offer an EFA course, but it’s still pretty much the same content it always was.

OFA1 remains our most popular first aid course in Squamish and whistler. We currently offer the training three times a month, once in Squamish and twice in Whistler. See our schedule for full details, but you can be sure we’ll have a course near you within the month (if you’re local, of course!). This course comes with CPR A or C & AED.

ChildCare First Aid Courses in Squamish

Our second most popular course. We offer ChildCare first aid in Squamish monthly or bi-monthly depending on how popular it is in the moment! Much of the time this is in conjunction with CCRR, but not always – we teach groups in the local schools too. We also run childcare first aid in Whistler on demand, which usually turns in to 2-3 times a year (so get a group together and ask!) This course will meet your needs as a parent, childcare worker, child minder, nanny, teacher or anyone involved with children. The childcare first aid course offers a less formal structure than OFA1 and allows you to request us to teach topics specific for your needs – as well as following the official Red Cross course outline of course! This course comes with CPR B or C & AED.


We offer CPR courses in Squamish, Whistler, Pemberton, and well… everywhere. The course can easily come to you if you can get a small group together. We offer all levels of CPR & AED training, including a BLS (Basic Life Support) course. Course content can range from quite basic (if you just need CPR A to look after your granny) through to a detailed professional course including bag & mask, airways, team based CPR, etc. Courses may not always appear on our schedule – many of them are booked casually for you or your group, so get in touch and ask.

Standard First Aid Courses in Squamish

Standard First Aid is the two day course – offered anywhere we work, but only on demand. We found out over the years that scheduling a regular course often doesn’t work for everyone… or anyone.

Stay SafeStay Safe course in a school near you

Stay Safe is the course we offer in schools. The world would be a better (or at least safer) place if everyone learned the basics in school, so let us help your class make this happen. Stay Safe is booked by schools all over the province, in English or in French and we travel to class to make it happen. Stay Safe courses obviously run to school timetables, often every week or more often. If we’re not teaching another course, this is what we’re likely to be doing. So invite us along to teach you school.