Another child saves his sister’s life!

Didn’t we just write about a 9-year-old saving his sister’s life with CPR he’d seen on TV? Well here’s comes an incredibly similar story….
Tristan Saghin saw CPR done while watching Black Hawk Down (at 9 years of age? OK – I guess I shouldn’t ask) and then asked his parents to teach him how to do it. They did, which is an improvement on the last story. Then what happened….
His 2-year-old sister, Brooke, fell into a swimming pool. She wasn’t breathing when her mom pulled her out. Brooke’s grandmother called 911 while her brother Tristan was busy saving her life.
Tristan’s dad, Chris, says Tristan told him, “‘I really didn’t think. I just knew I had to do something.’ ” Naturally dad is reported as saying “He feels proud that he did it, and we tell him, ‘We’re real proud of you.’ ”


Every kid could do what grandma did and call 911. Ask your kid today if they know the right number, and I bet they do. No-one gets this wrong in class. Now give them a (practice!!) phone and ask them to point to 911. It gets more tricky – some of them have to be taught that step, depending on their age.
By Tristan’s age, all kids know the numbers, can dial them on the phone and know at least some of the information to give to the ambulance crew. But can your kid do more?

Extra skills

By nine, they could/should be able to deal with:

  • cuts,
  • scrapes,
  • severe bleeding,
  • poisons,
  • burns,
  • shock & comfort care.

All of that while knowing how to be safe, stay safe and where to get help. If, like Tristan, they want to be medics later in life, they might have other skills too.
The key is finding out their interest level, and taking it further if they want to know more. If you’re not comfortable with teaching them – sign them up for a Red Cross PeopleSaver course where they’ll be taught by experienced trainers in a fun, child-friendly way (which is, of course, how we know who can do things and at what age).
Next courses, from 5 and up, coming soon!