Worksite Safety Training

Look, you know as well as we do, Worksite Safety Training is an important topic. That’s why you’re here. Sometimes it can be dull, sometimes you get lucky. (We try to make our  training more fun than most!) And all the time it’s an essential and often a legal requirement.

Worksite Safety Training Topics

To try and help you get started (or check you’re doing it right) we’ll cover the following topics. If there’s something we missed that you think belongs here – let us know!

Work site Safety Training Requirements

(Remember,  we’re based in BC, Canada.) The basic principle is stated as follows: “A workplace must be planned, constructed, used and maintained to protect from danger any person working at the workplace.” You need to do whatever it takes to achieve that. Take a look over the courses we offer and see what could apply to your situation.
Stuck? You aren’t alone. In fact so many people ask us what to do, or who to train, that we put together a complete site where you can sign up for guidance documents and free training materials – as well as get information about everything we offer from Aboriginal Awareness to WHMIS.
Occupational Health & Safety Program – You are required to have a ‘formal’ OH&S program if you have 20+ employees. If you have fewer, a less formal program is recommended. The link leads to a page which will tell you what is expected.

First Aid

You are required to “provide for each workplace such equipment, supplies, facilities, first aid attendants and services as are adequate and appropriate for:

  • (a) promptly rendering first aid to workers if they suffer an injury at work, and
  • (b) transporting injured workers to medical treatment.”

The requirements are set out in the schedules over here, but for smaller businesses it goes like this:

  • 1 staff member – get a personal first aid kit
  • 2-5 staff – get a basic first aid kit
  • 6-30 staff – get a Level 1 kit and have one Level 1 trained staff member on duty (remembering to cover for illness, vacation, shift-work, etc.) See our OFA1 courses!

Oh yes – of course we have special arrangements with our supplier. We haven’t yet set up a full ‘shop’ (c’mon, we’re a training company!) but we can sell you these kits at a good price and give you advice as to what the requirements are for however many staff you have.
First Aid Courses we offer

  • OFA1 the course required to be an appointed first aid attendant in the workplace here in B.C.
  • Standard First Aid – needed for more remote work sites, for healthcare & fitness. Also may be accepted in Alberta (check first!)
  • Out of Jurisdiction – Got an Alberta certificate? Want to work in B.C.? Click here then!
  • OFA2 & 3 – No, we don’t offer them, but will give you some basic info and point you in the right direction