Emergency First Aid- OFA Level 1

Now also offered in a Blended Learning course format

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Emergency First Aid with CPR & AED / OFA Level 1 equivalent

In-class Full Course Blended Learning (Online + in-class) Recertification
Pre-Requisites None None Proof of Current certification by an approved provinical or national provider required
Course Duration 8 Hours 1-Day 4 Hours Online And 4 Hours In-Person 8 Hours In-Class / Online Recert Discontinued by Red Cross on May 9th 2024
Certification Valid For 3 Years 3 Years 3 Years
Cost $135 $135 $135
Recognized by worksafe BC as the OFA Level 1 equivalent Yes Yes Yes

About Emergency First Aid (OFA Level 1)

This is the number 1 course you need for First Aid in the Workplace! The course has a number of names, but is the one required by WCB to allow you or your staff to work as the appointed First Aid Attendant in the workplace. As Red Cross Training Partners, naturally we offer the Red Cross ‘flavour’ of the course. It still certifies you to the WorkSafe BC standards and is acceptable province-wide.

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Emergency First Aid with CPR A & AED ( OFA Level 1)

Blended Learning Course Format

Our Emergency First Aid with CPR A & AED ( OFA Level 1) is now offered in a Blended Learning course format. This is a combination of online training followed by an in-person training for the hands-on portion. Upon completion of the online portion you will have 6 weeks to come to class and get certified. Online portion is 4 hours and in-class is 3.5 hours.

This course is now recognized by WorkSafe BC as the equivalent to the OFA Level 1.

Blended Learning is also available for a Recertification: Online portion is 4 hours and in-class is 3 hours.

Dig Deeper - Learn more about OFA Level 1

Of course, you can go ahead and book right now if that’s all you need. If you’d like to learn more, from a quick OFA overview to what to expect in your OFA1 class with us, then keep reading. There’s lots to know!

Overview of OFA Level 1 (from WorkSafe BC )

The provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation are intended to minimize or eliminate occupational hazards and provide employees with safe workplaces as much as possible. Accidents do happen, however, and each workplace must have the necessary facilities and personnel to deal with them. The facilities and personnel required will depend on the hazards and number of employees found at a particular site.

The purpose of occupational first aid is to provide workers with prompt, easily accessible, and appropriate first aid treatment and to keep a record of each treatment. Depending on the workplace, some or all of the following are needed to accomplish this:

  1. Occupational first aid attendants with the appropriate level of training
  2. Facilities such as first aid rooms or dressing stations
  3. First aid boxes or kits with the appropriate types and quantities of supplies
  4. Record keeping system
  5. Appropriate means of transporting an injured worker to a first aid facility or a hospital
  6. Effective means of communication between first aid attendants and workers who may need their help

For more information see http://www2.worksafebc.com/Topics/FirstAid/Home.asp

As your First Aid Instructors, we are here to help you meet point 1 – get appropriate training. The good news is that our training also covers knowledge about all other points. On our courses, along with all the necessary first aid knowledge & practical skills, students will become familiar with the requirements of the appropriate legislation, record keeping (and they will practice doing this) transportation decisions and communication. So, what exactly will be covered on the course?

Emergency First Aid Course Content

The course meets the requirements for OFA1 set out by WorkSafe BC. Here’s a quick summery:

  • Introduction, Administration & The Red Cross
  • Roles & Responsibilities, Preparing to Respond, Preventing Disease Transmission
  • Check, Call, Care
  • Wound Care & WorkSafeBC Paperwork
  • Airway, Breathing & Circulatory emergencies
  • Shock, bleeding & Medical emergencies
  • Knowledge Evaluation & Wrap-up

On the Day of your EFA Course

Remember to pack government issued photo-ID. If you don’t have a Canadian issued driver’s license, here’s a list of what WorkSafe BC allows us to accept. Bring one or more of these with you! 

On the day, try to turn up about 10 minutes early. There’s paperwork to be completed and sometimes complimentary tea & coffee on site! The course itself consists of 7 hrs teaching along with 2 x 15 minute coffee breaks and a half hour for lunch. In total you can expect to be with us for 8 hrs (minimum!) but don’t worry – there’s plenty to do and the time will fly past.

The course does involve practical work. That means you’ll be rolled around the floor by your classmates. Be prepared to do this. Yes the outfit you wore for the last office party was nice, but we’re saying it just might not be appropriate for today.

Assessment & Certification

For OFA1, WorkSafe BC requires two types of assessment on the day.

1. Practical skills assessment. We’ll be watching you all day and you need to be good. You need to be especially good at the life-saving skills. If we get to the end of the day and you haven’t convinced your instructor that you could save their life, you won’t pass.

 2.  Written exam. The Red Cross course gives you a 20 question, multiple-choice exam. Don’t worry about it, we’ll cover everything on the day.

You need to pass all two stages. For the exam, you’ll need to get 70%. Yes, we have failed people, so make sure you’re attentive on the day!

Certification is issued electronically by the Red Cross after course completion and is valid for 3 years from the day of completion.

Finally: Wow, you read all this way? Thanks, it’s good to know someone did! Now you have to make a choice, scroll up the page to book a course, contact us if you need to ask something, or learn even more about Workplace Safety.